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How It Works

You Inspire - We Innovate

What makes you tick, what inspires you, what moves you, and what defines you? The journey of discovery and innovation begins here, where we discover what makes you, We pick up on all those quirky traits to create the perfume that reflects your essence; a perfume which can lift your spirits on any day of the week.

Try & Test It

Through our interactions, we present you with different combinations of scents that are our interpretations of you. We use your feedback to modify your bespoke perfume accordingly. You can try layering it with different scents to tone it up or make it milder as per your mood and preferences.

Cizara Delivered

As promised, we deliver (pun intended)! To make it even more personal and exclusive, you can choose to have your name or initials or even your logo engraved on the bottle as well as the box. You even add a personal message if you wish to gift Cizara to someone special.

Cizara Gift

The joy of owning something that is exclusively and essentially you can’t really be described. Bespoke perfumes are the perfect gift-they embody luxury, sophistication, and are a way of saying “You’re extraordinary and you deserve to feel special”.

At Cizara, we’re all about the personal touch-you can add your loved one’s name to the bottle and the box with a special message or even something funny to remind them of you every time they wear it.

Cizara offers gifting options for various occasions, be it personal, wedding, or corporate. We customize each perfume according to each occasion to make sure your recipient receives the most memorable gift of their life!

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